A long time ago in land far away there lived a princess. In her search to alleviate some of the stress of running her kingdom she started watching a show called BTVS. Thru this show the princess stumbled into a bright and shiny new world called fandom. She became enchanted with this new realm and its artifices. The message boards, yahoo groups, and chat rooms all pleased her. As did the sometimes scary, sometimes sublime thing called fanfiction. Thru it and the show she discovered shipping. In the beginning all was tranquil, but soon, differences in opinion and ideology as well as the A:TS spinoff and a network change separated the once cohesive group. Thus the princess became a combatant in the ship wars.

They were vicious. It was friend against friend, mother against daughter, irritated aim user against huffy yahoo messenger. It was the unstoppable jihad in which all were caught up in the whirlwind, for the Spice must F L O W..............er......Sorry. Nothing to see here move along. Suffice it to say it was not pretty. The princess unused to such vitriol, developed an alt personality to protect her tender heart, in order to do battle for her ship of choice. A very bitchy and only semi-sane personality, but hey whatever works. (B/A for life bitches mmmmmmmmmmmhahahahahahahahaha!!!!!) I did mention the semi-sane part.....right? Oh good, less move on. With the ongoing wars, the princess found herself lost in the realm of fandom and it was feared by her kingdom that she would never return.

The kingdom and the prince she left, searched high and low in the world of BTVS fandom but they could find her no where. Time past and the princess stumbled bruised and battered back to her own kingdom. It seems she had become disillusioned with the fan wars and the massive character wanks that were occurring. The princess was found mumbling something about evil David Greenwalt, the Anti!Joss, Saint!Corduffy of The Order of The Holy!Lightbulb, Dork!Angel, Redemptionist!Spike and a movement to love thy rapist. To the people of the kingdom it was all very confusing. Doctors were called hoping to cure their ailing princess. The people feared that she would remain addled by the BTVS realm forever. Eventually the princess came out of her fandom induced stupor and the kingdom rejoiced, only to become somber again when the princess became enamored of a new realm of fandom called Harry Potter.

Eventually the princess would dabble in a multitude of fandoms while remaining active in only a few. One of which was the original realm of BTVS and it's satellite A:TS. Although she did remain very vexed with it and its capricious creator (I'm talking to Joss Whedon) for quite a while. The many realms of fandom allowed the princess to recharge her batteries and interact with a host of creative and like minded individuals. This made her a better leader to her kingdom and kept her from going postal from one of her towers with an AK-47 like the princess in the realm of Reality. With that as a possible result, no one begrudged her frequents forays into fandom ever again. Everyone Live Happily Ever After..............Well........maybe the prince wasn't exactly thrilled with the arrangement. But since I know I won't see him for a month after Halo 3 premieres and he's taken to crooning to his xbox mid play he so doesn't have any room to complain. The End.

Since you haven't run screaming yet let me just add that I'm active in a few fandoms and dabble in great many more. In fact if it was made in the last 10 years and was a fantasy and/or sci fi I've probably watched and or shipped it. My main fandoms are BTVS, (my first......last.....and always fandom. I'm very much a ride or die chick for Buffy) Smallville, Dr. Who/Torchwood, Heroes and Harry Potter. I'm also semi active in Star Wars, Firefly, Supernatural, and Stargate/Atlantis. I'm a fiend for Crossovers so you'll find them prominent in many of my recs and some of my own stories.

My Journal will mainly concern fandom so be prepared for saucy language and/or adult content. You've been warned! I don't want to hear anything about how I'm corrupting the Leprechauns. I enjoy reading popular fiction, poetry and history. You might also find a current event, social issue or a political debate occurring from time to time. I'm also prone to rants, and meta you decide which is which. Feel free to pop your head in and say hi if anything interest you. I promise I won't bite, at least not unless you want me too.
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